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Part 8 - Fairy Fortunes and Geomancy Series

This video completes the series Fairy Fortunes and Geomancy. I talk about the fae featured on the cards and how they correlate to the divination practice of Geomancy. If you missed the previous videos to the series: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3: Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7

ABC's of Mythology: A New Video Series!

I've started a new video series thanks to a video challenge invitation by the YouTube Pagans Facebook group. Looks like I forgot to post last weeks video so here is Arthurian Mythology (A is for Arthur) And Myths of Bunnies - Fluffy and Otherwise (B is for Bunny)

The Tail of the Dragon

The Dragon has shown you her tail Your words she finds stagnant and stale Your story must end It’s time to suspend Conclude what is done and set sail. Favorable For: Completion, Endings, Destruction Unfavorable For: Reconciliation, Beginnings, New Ventures Associations: South Node of the Moon, Sagittarius Elements: Fire The Dragon is a powerful creature found in mythology and folklore around the world; in both Eastern and Western traditions. Dragons are depicted as having many facets. In some tales they must be vanquished, and in other tales they offer priceless wisdom. They can be crafty and materialistic or animalistic and terrifying! Some folklore denotes that a particular scale c

Leatitia the Leshii

Laetitia Leshii sings true, He never keeps secrets for you. He jumps just for joy. Delight to deploy. Such frolicsome fun will ensue. Favorable For: Joy, Vitality, Music, Animals Unfavorable For: Secrets, Sincerity, Logic Associations: Jupiter and Pisces Elements: Water and Fire If you find yourself lost in the forests of Russia and then hear some mysterious ethereal laughter, why then you have been pranked by a Leshii. Had you brought him a gift of bread and salt or amused him by wearing your clothes inside out, you might have escaped his mischievous antics. Music is also a good choice to placate him, although do not under any circumstances whistle. No matter how expertly you think y

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