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2023 Fairy Fortunes for April

Fairy Fortune for Thursday, April 13, 2023

The Dragon has shown you her tail

Your words she finds stagnant and stale

Your story must end

It’s time to suspend

Conclude what is done and set sail

It’s often hard to let go – of people, places, ideas, even wishes and desires. People are sometimes the easiest to say goodbye to, because quite often, you can give yourself closure by just uttering the magic word “Goodbye.” It doesn’t even matter if the person is physically there to receive the word and reflect it back to you. Sometimes saying “Goodbye” is enough. When it’s not, there are rituals and support, and other people even who can help you let go of a person. There aren’t established rituals to let go of your once beloved desires.

But how do you say goodbye to an idea? Or a desire or wish? It’s difficult enough to realize that a person needs to move on, away from you, or you them. It certainly then is understandable that a person might have difficulty realizing it’s time to say goodbye to a much less substantial thing. Time is gradual, it’s hard to notice the subtle changes of evolution in yourself. And if it’s hard to notice each silver hair that comes in as you grow in your wisdom, imagine how hard it might be to see that your clothes no longer fit you especially when they still fit you.

So be gentle with yourself when you finally know when your idea has run its course. Let it go with honor. It served you well! And trust that when something old passes on, it makes room for something new to be born.

Fairy Fortune for Saturday, April 15, 2023

Amissio Alfar is wise

Her beauty and voice mesmerize

Desire she gives

A true love that lives

You’ll find yourself lost in her eyes

Desire – it is all important in fairy culture, their word for it “rowaey.” Magic is fueled by rowaey. In order to manifest something into the world, you must first have the desire to bring it into being. That seems like such a simple thing, and it is, but it is far from being an easy thing. It is easier to GET what you want, than to KNOW what you want. There is a reason that “Know thyself” is a divine edict, for that too is simple and yet not easy to accomplish. The mind is such a beautiful instrument, it is capable of processing data and stimulus in incomprehensible ways; and within one minute an individual can process hundreds of thoughts, emotions, and desires. The mind filters this information so quickly, some is discarded to make room for new data and thus the individual may not even register a full impact of those thoughts, emotions, and desires even though they were there, they were valid, they were just…overwritten. And speaking of being overwritten…human minds are especially plastic. In many ways that is such a beautiful adaptation; however, humans often get confused by worrying about what they THINK they SHOULD want rather than claiming time to listen to the cacophony of all those thoughts, emotions, and desires to embrace what the actually WANT. And then to complicate things…what you wanted three minutes ago may not be what you want right now. Learning to live in the present of now is truly a challenge and why “know thyself” is a divine edict more to aspire to rather than fully grasp.

Fairy Fortune for Sunday, April 16, 2023

When Ruebus Redcap appears

He’ll force you to face darkest fears

There’s danger ahead

But go forth in dread

Or live your regret in arears

A great deal of the time, we find ourselves saying, “Someday…” A fairy such as Rebeus the Recap would want to know why “someday” cannot be today. What is holding you back from something you desire? Fear is not an emotion to be avoided, it is a powerful survival mechanism. Fear is the emotion with an express purpose: protection. We feel fear when we do not feel safe. However, when we analyze our safety, the truth may come out that our fear is actually discomfort. We may not want to step outside of the status quo. There are many advantages to the status quo – a primary one being that you are more likely to be welcomed into your chosen environment and society if you behave just like everyone else. No one can accuse you of being more than you are. No one can accuse you of being superior. The problem with going beyond the status quo is that there are fewer people who choose to go beyond it; and loneliness can be more painful than unfulfilled desire. Or is it? Rubeus the Redcap would smile at you with his devilish grin while twirling his blood-stained knife and ask you, “How would you know?” How would you know if the loneliness beyond the status quo is worse than the emptiness of unfulfilled desire? Once you go beyond, you can always turn around and offer a hand to the person behind you. You don’t necessarily have to be lonely, beyond the status quo.

Fairy Fortune for Monday, April 17, 2023

The Alicorn Albus observes

As witness she listens, she serves

Her reason and rhyme

Bring peace sublime

Her duty is pure and preserves

Duty and responsibility are important themes in art. The hero of the story is driven by a sense of duty to assume responsibility. In contrast, the villain of the story often does the exact same thing. The villain sees a problem and makes a decision that they will take action and do something about the problem. In art, there are usually elements added to the story to make a clear delineation between the hero and the villain: the villain gets music that inspires dread and fear and the hero painted in beautiful lines with enticing colors. Cleaver storytellers can anger and crush our spirits if they dare to twist their tales to reveal that the beauty we were rooting for was really the villain all along. And the character we assumed was the villain was the one that was trying to change their world for the better.

What then really makes the difference between heroes and villains?

That is a difficult question to answer. There are always casualties in every tale. In your life you will be someone’s hero and yet you will also hurt someone so badly that you will always be their villain. Perhaps a true hero is someone who in addition to duty and responsibility, also accepts accountability. A true hero accepts when they are wrong and they accept that they have caused harm; but more importantly they strive to do better moving forward.

Villains provide reasons, justifications, and excuses. And while a villain may implement beneficial changes in their world, they are not the ones who do the changing.

Fairy Fortune for Tuesday, April 18, 2023

She cunning the Caileach Carcer

Her pampering tricks will ensnare

Face isolation

And limitation

Enslaved by the spell of her stare

Spontaneity can be fun and rewarding, however, sometimes a little prudence goes a long way. You don’t necessarily want to jump in to everything without considering potential consequences. For example, jumping into a puddle on the sidewalk might be fun and refreshing on a hot summer day, but jumping off a cliff particularly when you don’t know what is below can lead to serious injury which could have been easily avoided with a precursory glance at what lies beneath.

Carcer the Caileach is a being who believes so strongly in preparation, she will hold people against their wills until they understand the value of patience. While kidnapping is an unnecessary extreme, we can learn from her caution. Decisiosn do not need to be made right away. Take some time to evaluate if you have some important facts: is this situation a puddle on the sidewalk or a cliff? Carcer the Caileach often appears when outside influence is trying to convince you that the unknown below is simply a harmless puddle. She’s trying to get you to use your own senses. You can feel the danger; don’t ignore it – explore it! That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t jump off that cliff, but take some time to evaluate your approach. Maybe you need to go feet first, or roll on the landing. Gather some more information! If there’s a lake below, would it be better to dive head first with good swimming form? Maybe using a rope to repel down would be best. Or, is it possible that there is a paved path? Why jump and risk injury if there is a safer way to get to where you want to go? Someone who wants you to blindly jump likely does not have your best interest at heart. Trust yourself and grant yourself the time you need to feel confident in your choices.

Fairy Fortune for Thursday, April 20, 2023

The Princess of Fairy presumes

The world permits only perfumes

Her present is charmed

Her future unarmed

She never considers what looms

BUNNY BOMB! (For those who don’t know, a Bunny Bomb is a trigger warning)

It’s interesting to me that the Fairy Princess appears today. I find it curious as I am about to film videos today and I am recording another ritual; this time from David Salisbury’s book Witchcraft Activism. I am extremely concerned about the steps the United States of America has taken towards fascism. Within my lifetime I saw women granted bodily autonomy only for it to be eradicated in 2023. Bodily autonomy for trans people is also under attack! Same sex, interracial, and interfaith marriages are in danger. Misogyny, antisemitism, and open general racism are all on the rise. And not only are children being murdered on mass in their schools and places of worship, but they are being gunned down simply for knocking on the wrong door.

I’m a parent and I remember 2016 when the electoral college ignored the popular vote and put a misogynist in office. My child wasn’t yet a teenager and he were absolutely terrified of this man and what he would do to this country. I was told that his fear was irrational and I was influencing him. I was told that he was too young for politics. And then in 2021, this same man my son was so afraid of, cheered on the people who brought zip ties and gallows to the nation’s capital.

Maybe I was the reason behind my son’s fear.

But maybe, just maybe, that little boy understood that his mother was a woman and that all of my rights and freedoms were being eradicated. Maybe my little boy understood that his mother was not a member of the Christian right and in addition to misogyny would have to face additional religious persecution. Maybe my son understood that his mother was a member of the LGBTQIA+ community and that made me a target for even more violence. Maybe even though my son is a white heterosexual male he was afraid for his mother and all of her friends, and all of the people who loved him fiercely and unconditionally, despite being different from him. Maybe, even back in 2016, when my son was still little, he understood that the far right wanted to eradicate people who were not just like them. Maybe my son understood it was all about subjugation and totalitarian control.

Children are watching. They aren’t stupid, they understand more than foolhardy adults want to believe.

The Fairy Princess’ appearance today reminded me of my son. He was too little in 2016. He won’t be in 2024. “Never kick a dog because it’s just a pup. You better run for cover when the pup grows up.”

Fairy Fortune for Monday, April 24, 2023

When Rubeus Redcap appears

He'll force you to face darkest fears

There's danger ahead

But go forth in dread

Or live your regret in arrears

Fear is meant to be paralyzing. Freezing in place, and holding your breath can sometimes save your life. Sometimes the best course of action is not to fight or even to flee, but to freeze in place. Stay where you are and let the danger move past you.

If you can learn to embrace that life saving response of freezing in place you can lean in and use the paralysis of your body to let your mind be free. In that state of paralysis, it can feel like time has slowed down. And whose to say that it hasn’t? Lean into that timeless state and you can hear every footfall, smell the slightest changes in your environment, feel the pulse of another’s heartbeat on your skin. Freezing in place can give your mind time to plan, to evaluate, to keep you safe.

Fear is not your enemy. Fear is a sign that you need protection.

So next time you find yourself frozen, or perhaps not quite paralyzed but certainly stuck; instead of berating yourself ask yourself what is causing you to be afraid. What are you trying to protect? Remember that you are not lazy or cowardly, you are a warrior. Sometimes the right decision is to stay still in order to collect the right information that will save your life.

Fairy Fortune for Tuesday, April 25, 2023

A show! Is Acquistio

A gluttonous Alicanto

The more she procures

The less she endures

The weight of her fate in escrow

While gluttony is a bit of a weakness for Acquistio the Alicanto, there is much to be said about her strength of bounty and abundance. She expects abundance and is rarely denied. She does not question whether or not she “deserves” all of her gains, she receives them and she puts them to use. Quite often she shares her wealth. She does not feel guilty for what she reserves for herself. For Acquistio the Alicanto, there is no such thing as “too much.”

When we release the concept of “too much” we are also able to let go of the scarcity of “never enough.” Acquistio the Alicanto does have to procure her food and other basic needs, considering that she dines on silver and gold, sometimes the veins of ore she locates are not as large as others, some days she isn’t as lucky and discovers iron pyrite instead. As she lives without the dichotomy of “too much and never enough,” though, whatever she finds is enough to share. Though, she does make sure to take care of herself first. If she were to gift away all her gold and save nothing for herself, she would weaken herself and hinder all of her skills. She cannot maintain herself on iron pyrite. She is not selfish, she understands her value.

Fairy Fortune for Wednesday, April 26, 2023

When Populus Penates plays

The party can last many days

She’s fond of the home

Unlikely to roam

In comfort, in pleasure, she stays.

Charity starts at home. It can be a wonderful feeling to be generous to another. Gifting food and financial assistance to struggling people is generally a benevolent and beneficial thing to do. The key word to note here is “generally.” It is one the to share what you have; it is quite another to sacrifice yourself. If you have only $50 dollars and you need $40 for rent leaving you only $10 for food, it is not in anyone’s best interest to hand over $25 dollars to a church group soliciting for the homeless. You are not helping anyone if you become homeless yourself. Now there’s no need to give the volunteer from the church your sob story, just tell them no and send them on their way. You have nothing to justify, that is what is important to remember here. You have nothing to feel guilty about – nothing.

You must attend to your own needs first. If you feel the pangs of regret as the church volunteer walks away, take the time to analyze where that regret is coming from. You might be upset that your finances are not where you would like them to be. This information gives you an opportunity to explore options to remedy that. Maybe you could explore finding a new residence, taking in a roommate, or pursuing employment that would raise your income. Or, if you’re satisfied with your income, maybe you could purchase $9.90 worth of food, tuck away that $.10 in a jar, and patiently collect that $25 dollars. Just think how proud you might feel to hand that carefully collect money over to that church volunteer! Or you could use that collected money for additional food for you, or maybe a warm blanket or some other need or desire. The point is, it is perfectly understandable to think about your own needs and desires, get those taken care of first. Once your needs and desires are met generosity will inspire pleasure. If, however you choose the sacrifice you own needs and yes! your desires are just as important, your generosity will grow resentment and destruction.