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Resources! Fortune Telling and the Law

I fell down a serious bunny hole researching the topic of Fortune Telling and the Law! As such, I surpassed the character limit for the YouTube description box when I released Part 1 of the Video series, Fortune Telling and the law.

I've utilized my website blog to provide a more detailed list of all that research and when appropriate, provided ordinances and laws by the relevant state within the country of the United States of America.

Please keep in mind that this is information for your entertainment. This should not be construed as legal advice, and I encourage you to research ordinances and laws governing fortune telling, witchcraft, and the occult arts in your local area.

Reporting Fortune Telling Scams and Fraud

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"A Senior’s Guide to Financial Scams (And How to Avoid Them)."

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Court Cases

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On Ethics

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A Selection of Individual Codes of Ethics from Individual Fortune Tellers and Psychics

You can view my personal Code of Ethics for Fairy Fortunes by Ruby Ruse here.

Hollis, Karen. “Karen Hollis's Professional Code of Ethics for Readings By Karen.”

Lord, Annmarie. “Code of Ethics Annmarie Lord.”

Associations for Psychics

American Association of Certified Psychics.

(Note from Ruby Ruse: there is no information on the certification criteria for these psychics, and therefore, I cannot in good conscience, recommend this organization)

National Spiritualist Association of Churches.

World Divination Association.

General Resources

“7 Consequences & Penalties for Operating a Business without a License.” Corporation Service Company. 31 May 2019.

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Ordinances and Laws By State


Gjelten, E.A. “Illinois Felony Crimes by Class and Sentences.” Criminal Defense Lawyer, NOLO.

State of Illinois, Illinois General Assembly. Illinois Compiled Statues: 720 ILCS 5, Criminal Code of 2012. Access Date: 19 February 2023


“Incident Reporting Guide/Chicago Police Department.” Chicago Police.

Oak Park

“Illinois, Oak Park, Code: 17-1-23: Spiritualism and Other Forms of Fortune Telling Prohibited.” American Legal Publishing.

South Elgin

“Illinois, South Elgin, Code: 132.01 Disorderly Conduct, Unlawful Conduct and Unlawful Loitering.” American Legal Publishing. Accessed Date: 20 February 2023.


New Castle

“Indiana, New Castle, Code: 111.05 Street Fairs.” American Legal Publishing. Accessed Date: 20 February 2023.


“Massachusetts law about fortune tellers.”, Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

New York

New York Courts. Fortune Telling Penal Law 165.35. Accessed Date: 19 February 2023


State of Wisconsin, Department of Revenue. Temporary Events. Access Date: 19 February 2023

Wisconsin State Legislature. 947.02: Vagrancy. Access Date: 20 February 2023.


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