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Can Mythology Be Inherited?

Resources Brogaard, Berit. “Remembering Things From Before You Were Born.” Psychology Today. 24 February 2013. https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/the-superhuman-mind/201302/remembering-things-you-were-born Fritscher, Lisa. “Understanding the Collective Unconscious.” Very Well Mind, Dotdash Publishing. 20 January 2019. Web. https://www.verywellmind.com/what-is-the-collective-unconscious-2671571 Javelosa, June. “Memories Can Be Inherited, and Scientists May Have Just Figured out How.” Futurism. 13 April 2016. https://futurism.com/catch-virtual-reality-live-stream-surgery-april-14th Rudy, Lisa Jo. “What Makes an Autistic Person a Savant?” Very Well, Dotdash Publishing. 28 April

The Hero in Mythology

This is a part of a 2019 Video Challenge I am taking part of through the YouTube Pagans group on Facebook. Books Evans-Wents, E.Y. “Brythonic Divinities and the Brythonic Fairy-Faith,” The Fairy-Faith in Celtic Countries. BiblioBazar, 2008, pp. 417 - 418. Evans-Wents, E.Y. “The Celtic Doctrine of Rebirth,” The Fairy-Faith in Celtic Countries. BiblioBazar, 2008, pp. 349 – 363. The Epic of Gilgamesh. Translated by N.K. Sanders. Penguin Book, 1972. The Holy Bible: New International Version. Zondervan, 1984. Homer. The Odyssey Virgil. The Aeneid. Web “Definition of Legend in English.” English Oxford Living Dictionaries, Oxford University Press. https://en.oxforddictionaries.com/definit

Ghosts in Mythology

This video is a part of my ABC's of Mythology Video Challenge Series. Be sure to check out my resources! Books The Holy Bible: New International Version. Zondervan, 1984. P. 166. Homer. The Odyssey Virgil. The Aeneid. Web McCoy, Daniel. “Baldur.” Norse Mythology for Smart People. https://norse-mythology.org/gods-and-creatures/the-aesir-gods-and-goddesses/baldur/ “Orpheus.” Encyclopedia Britannica. 05 April 2019. https://www.britannica.com/topic/Orpheus-Greek-mythology “Shade (Mythology).” Wikipedia, Wikimedia Project. 24 November 2018. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shade_(mythology) “What Does the Bible Say About Ghosts?” Blog: No Shirt or Shoes Required, The Virginian Pilot.

The Fairy Faith as Mythology

This is part of the YouTube Pagans 2019 Video Challenge the ABC's of Mythology. You can find the YouTube Pagans on Facebook: And I'm on Facebook too: If you are participating in this Mythology Challenge or any other 2019 Video challenge please comment with a link to your video! And for the rest of the ABC Mythology challenge, I've created a new playlist for you. The Fairy Faith is a fascinating subject! I hope you will consider utilizing these great resources: Books Daimler, Morgan. Fairycraft: Following the Path of Fairy Witchcraft. Moon Books, 2016. Evans-Wents, E.Y. The Fairy-Faith in Celtic Countries. BiblioBazar, 2008. Young, Simon and Ceri Houlbrook, editors. Magical Folk: Brit

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