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Question 4: Will I Get Into The School I Applied To?

Anonymous wants to know if she will be accepted into the school she applied to. I explore the matter in a 4 card Fairy Fortune reading. If you would like to have your question featured for free on the Fairy Fortune YouTube channel, please leave your question in the comments. If you'd like to remain anonymous email your question to rubyruse@fairyfortunes.com with the heading Anonymous Question for YouTube. Questions are selected at random. You may purchase a reading on the Buy A Reading Page.

Fairy Tea at Consciously Rooted

On June 10th I went to Consciously Rooted with Queen Meadowyn to serve tea to delightful young fairies. You can visit with Queen Meadowyn and I again at the World of Faeries Festival in South Elgin, Illinois August 4 and 5, 2018. These beautiful photographs are courtesy of CrabbApple Photography.

Question 3: When Will The Darkness End

Anonymous asks, "When will the darkness end?" I explore the concepts of light and dark in this episode and interject with the fairy saying "Kutsa" which means, "We listen." If you'd like to have your question featured on the Fairy Fortunes YouTube channel please leave a question in the comments section. Fortunes are also available on the Buy A Reading Page.

The Fairy Queen

Make way for the Queen of the Fae! Your fortune is Hers to convey. With strength and with grace Success you’ll embrace Prosperity without delay. Favorable For: Success, Victory, Winning Unfavorable For: Frugality, Escape Associations: Leo and sun Elements: Fire and Earth The Fairy Queen does not have to defend her power. She simply is power. She has spent Her lifetime gaining knowledge through Her personal trials and tribulations. She has educated Herself meticulously. She is well aware of Her weakness and is always in the pursuit of knowledge to hone new skills. She also knows Her strengths and utilizes them with confidence. She is without question, a benevolent ruler and mercy is

Question #2: Will I Get A Girlfriend?

Anonymous is lonely and wants to know if he will ever get a girlfriend. I explore the matter in a four card Fairy Fortune reading. Would you like your question featured for free on the Fairy Fortunes YouTube Channel? Post your question in the comments below. Fairy Fortunes are also available for sale on our Buy A Reading Page.

Populus the Penates

Populus the Penates When Populus Penates plays The party can last many days. She’s fond of the home, Unlikely to roam In comfort, in pleasure, she stays. Favorable For: community, Family, Parties Unfavorable For: Focus, Action Associations: Cancer and Moon Element: Water Latin Translation: Populus = People The Penates hail from ancient Rome. While they share personality traits with Brownies and Dobies, they are distinctly more human-like in appearance. In fact, they were given shines and alters of worship in the homes of the Ancient Romans and Greeks. These beings do require deference and respect. They are quite fond of humans and will claim a family and devote themselves to

Question #1: Will My Venture Be Profitable?

Anonymous has just started a new venture and wants to know if it will be profitable. I explore the matter in a three card Fairy Fortune reading. Do you have a question you'd like help answering? Leave your question in a comment and you might have your fortune read for free on the Fairy Fortunes YouTube Channel. Fortunes are also available for purchase on our Buy A Reading Page.

Albus the Alicorn

The Alicorn Albus observes As witness, she listens, she serves. Her reason and rhyme Brings peace sublime. Her duty is pure and preserves Favorable For: Peace, Wisdom, Purity, Harmony Unfavorable For: Partnerships, Change Associations: Gemini and Mercury Elements: Air and Water Latin Translation: Albus = White The Alicorn (more commonly known as the unicorn) is featured in mythology from around the world. This creature is the embodiment of purity and nobility. Albus the Alicorn is primarily a witness. She is a gatherer of information and knowledge. If one sees her prior to going into negotiations, particularly if they relate to business and finance, it is a particularly favorable sig

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