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Amissio the Alfar

Amissio Alfar is wise. Her beauty and voice mesmerize. Desire she gives; A true love that lives. You’ll find yourself lost in her eyes. Favorable For: Love, Health, Truth Unfavorable For: Wealth, Maintenance Associations: Taurus and Venus Elements: Earth and Fire Latin Translation: Amissio = Loss The Alfar (also known as elf) is featured in Nordic myths originally but are known by many names in Celtic Mythology and have been incorporated into folklore stories around the world. Amissio the Alfar has a near human appearance and will intermingle with them. She is willing to share her vast knowledge of architecture, navigation, mathematics and (of course) magic with a human student. Howeve

Puer the Pooka

Beware of the Pooka Puer A shapeshifting beast with a dare He offers a change Prophetic exchange It’s risk when you seek out his lair. Favorable for: Transformation, Quests, and Sensuality Unfavorable for: Peaceful resolution, and Diplomacy Associations: Aries and Mars Elements: Fire and Air Latin Translation: Puer = Boy The Pooka is featured in Irish folklore. He is a shapeshifter who most commonly appears in the form of a rabbit or horse or sometimes a garish human-animal hybrid. It is said that if he is offered the last harvest of blackberries, he will reward the giver with prophecy for the coming year. But there is great risk involved in seeking out Puer the Pooka as he can be unpre

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