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2023 Fairy Fortunes for March

Fairy Fortune for Thursday, March 9, 2023

Make way for the Queen of the Fae!

Your fortune is hers to convey

With strength and with grace

Success you’ll embrace

Prosperity without delay

Leadership has challenges alongside each benefit. While it is satisfying to have the control as a leader, the darker side of that is the fact that there often isn’t someone on par with you who can celebrate along side of you. And especially in the succession of a Queen, a mentor is not readily available to encourage you and inspire you to take what you may learn from your success and feed it into the next project. Life at the top is solitary.

And if you are not a queen but serving one, you may have the misfortune of being the underling of a dictator, rather than an encouraging leader. Such a person is not going to be offering you validation for a job well done any time soon. Ultimately, we are the leaders of our own life journeys. So make sure that when you finish a project, or goal, or conquest, make sure that you take a few moments to savor the best of the experience. Validate yourself. Yes, it was well done! It was worth doing. It IS good. If someone else contributes to your celebration the more the merrier! But make sure the first person to congratulate you, is you. Know your worth. You are exceptionally valuable and whatever you created has made this world so much better.

Fairy Fortune for Friday, March 9, 2023

Conjunctio Centaur is wild

Capricious, yet you’ll be beguiled

Reverse and unite

Converse in aright

His friendship you’ll want reconciled

Conjunctio the Centaur appears often in matters concerning friendships. Centaurs like Conjunctio are very loyal and they are good friends. They are. They can also be exceptionally annoying. Friends can often be annoying. Centaurs tend to be blissfully ignorant. They are always down to hang out particularly when alcohol is involved, but they aren’t going to get subtle hints if you are in need of emotional support that goes beyond a fart joke. You’re going to have to be a bit more blunt and you will need to switch them to coffee while you have your more serious conversation. The truth of the matter is, Conjunctio the Centaur is probably better for the fart joke, and you are likely to feel better seeking out someone else’s company for more sober fare.

Humans can be a lot like centaurs in their friendships. Different people excel in different situations. You need friends that are parents, friends that are child free, friends that are older, friends that are younger, friends that you work with, friends that share your particular hobby, friends from your past, and new friends. Some friends are closer than others. The thing is, that friend with the fart jokes? If you are down and in need of emotional support, they will roll out their stinky best for you because they think they are helping if they make you laugh. Don’t be hard on them for sharing their love for you in their own unique way.

You do need to trust your own instincts. If you listen to your heart and mind it will tell you when alcohol and fart jokes are not what you really need. It is okay to tell Conjunctio the Centaur that you have plans and that you’ll go out drinking soon (suggest a date to do so!). Then fart, so they know you mean it and that you love them.

Fairy Fortune for Monday, March 12, 2023

A show! Is Acquistio

A gluttonous Alicanto

The more she procures

The less she endures

The weight of her fate in escrow

There are no words in fairy languages for “good vs. bad.” The reason for the omission is that with all things, there is always bad within the good and good within the bad; and good and bad are subjective and depend greatly on circumstances and context. Fairies say, “Zoyaebo,” which means, “So be it, it is.” Acquistio the Alicanto is a bird spirit who consumes silver and gold and therefore represents abundance. Acquistio in Latin translates to gain. Gain and abundance does rather seem “good;” however I don’t think most people would find the abundance of pain pleasurable. Acquistio the Alicanto models the duality of abundance in other ways as well. She is sparkly and beautiful (she is after all, what she eats) but she has a tendency to eat too much rendering herself as a sparkly meal for some other creature when she gets so full that she cannot fly.

In human society there does seem to be a great deal of criticism towards women (men and nonbinary too, but mostly women) who are deemed “too much.” They wear too much makeup. They laugh too much. They dress too flamboyantly. And the Gods help them if they dare to share that they are proud of a personal accomplishment or (GASP!) themselves. Women get timid of taking selfies. Go to many women’s social media profiles and you will find more pictures of children, pets, and other people than of them. Bragging is seen as “bad” in human society; very bad if you are a woman.


Bragging isn’t bad, it just simply is. Listening to someone share their accomplishments may elicit fatigue, that is true. But it is also true that many people are many uncomfortable by someone else’s accomplishments because they feel they are not enough by comparison. It’s an easy shift to allow that discomfort to inspire you instead.

So, if you are hesitating to share that beautiful selfie because you are worried of seeming too into yourself, recognize that you are just as likely to abundantly inspire someone to greatness. And remember, you are NOT too much – you are enough.

Fairy Fortune for Tuesday, March 13, 2023

She’s cunning the Caileach Carcer

Her pampering tricks will ensnare

Face isolation

And limitation

Enslaved by the spell of her stare

Carcer the Caileach gets a bad rap. Okay…so she does go around kidnapping young maidens; but only to keep them safe as they grow into their power! She does release them! Eventually…

Her story could be viewed as a metaphor for the common strategy of isolating oneself in times of stress. While there are some aspects that are counterproductive, a person isolates to keep themselves safe. They are trying to heal and once they do, they will grow into their power.

It’s still a good idea to check on people who are in this hibernation, however you will be more successful reaching them by keeping communication upbeat and brief. Let them know you’ll be waiting for them when their winter passes if they do not allow you to hunker down with them.

Fairy Fortune for Thursday, March 23, 2023

The Alicorn Albus observes

As witness she listens, she serves

Her reason and rhyme

Bring peace sublime

Her duty is pure and preserves

No one can exist in a vacuum. We are not really independent; we are all actually interdependent beings. We are affected by the people who surround us. People within our environment can inspire us. They can be important resources who can offer advice based on experience that we lack. When they do not have that experience, they can still provide us with comfort and support. And when all else fails, we might be lucky enough to know some darling wacky person who can make us laugh when we need a break from life’s challenges.

It is important to recognize that we are not alone in this world. Truthfully, there are far more people in our circles who do want us to be happy and successful than those who do not. Most strangers even want interactions with us that are pleasant and easy rather than dramatic confrontations.

Of course, there are people who do wish us ill. Most do not have any real power over us. Do not let one person’s bitterness throw a shadow over the multiple people who enjoy your happiness.

Fairy Fortune for Sunday, March 26, 2023

Make way for the Queen of the Fae!

Your fortune is hers to convey

With strength and with grace

Success you’ll embrace

Prosperity without delay

Here is a hard truth for you: procrastination is a form of self-harm. Being overwhelmed is not your fault. Being afraid is a normal emotion. The emotion of fear is not a “negative” emotion to be disposed of; fear is the gift of protection. Many humans eschew fear and preach that happiness is the only acceptable emotion. Happiness though, has it’s own dark side – it can make us foolish and place us in determinantal situations. If we are exploding with happiness so much that we fail to see the cliff, our happy life will literally be our downfall. The aspect of fear that we should embrace, is that it keeps us safe. Hiding from our responsibilities though is often not a helpful response to fear. Procrastination can create a landslide that will force us down that cliff we are trying so hard to avoid.

The Fairy Queen cannot procrastinate. She has too many people and whole kingdoms awaiting her decisions. But this does not mean she doesn’t get overwhelmed or feel fear. A great queen has a team of advisors to explore options concerning decisions and she delegates tasks so that most things get done in a timely fashion. She also deals with plans going awry. Missed deadlines are inconvenient, but best met with honesty. She doesn’t offer excuses, she may give context on the circumstances, but focuses on the more important details which outlines the new strategy, and then she proceeds with that new plan.

Procrastination just builds the fear and anxiety, and quite often escalates the problem and the overwhelm. It just piles on punishment for circumstances that are not your responsibility. Why not explore the fear? What are you trying to protect? You are not incapable; you are trying to be safe. Be a queen, ask…demand even! Assistance. But you do not need to punish yourself.

Fairy Fortune for Wednesday, March 29, 2023

When Populus Penates plays

The party can last many days

She’s fond of the home

Unlikely to roam

In comfort, in pleasure, she stays

There can be no doubt that we are living in troubled times. We’ve all suffered through plagues, isolation, fires, and crime is on the rise. In the fairy world, there are no words to describe the moral dichotomy of good versus evil. That should not be taken to mean that fairies do not get angry over such precarious circumstances. Anger is a valuable emotion and it is not in any way negative or evil. Happiness is also an emotion, but should not be prized over anger in every circumstance. Happiness as a response to plagues, isolation, fires, and crime, particularly the senseless murder of school children is not appropriate! The emotion of anger is a call to action! It is a signal to manifest something tangible which can create change. Anger is what fuels scientists to find cures for illnesses. Anger is what causes loved one to fight to be together. Anger can ignite the flames of change. Anger does not have to burn down everything in its path; it can be a peaceful targeted burn. Anger is not necessarily violent! Peaceful protests occur when people get angry over a damaging and unbalanced status quo.

However, before you march off to another state or country to join a cause outside your immediate environment, Populus the Penates ask you to pause for a moment and consider where you are. There is a wise saying, “Charity begins at home.” Populus the Penates would say that anger too can best be put to use at home. Are you concerned about healthcare? How can you support that in your immediate area? Are you concerned about mental health? Can you donate to a charity branch that serves your particular town? Do you want to join a protest? March to your own townhall! Write to your governing officials. Make them create new policy to prevent the devastation seen in other cities.

And Populus the Penates very much believes that one person CAN make a difference. Even if you only help one person with your inspired anger, you have in fact changed the world, because you made one person’s world a much better place.

Fairy Fortune for Friday, March 31, 2023

Puella the Peri appeals

But always she changes her deals

She fickle and feigned

But hardly restrained

You’ll never predict how she feels.

One of my unique gifts is being able to see possibilities and with some accuracy, I do sometimes predict a future outcome. With that said, other beings are one of life’s great immensities. I will never know all there is to know about another individual. Because there is always more to know! A person’s possibilities are endless. I can offer advice, I can make suggestions, I can caution but I cannot tell another what they may or may not do. It’s rude, for one. But just as Puella the Peri, individuals are free to change their minds at any point!

Puella the Peri is certain a creature of the present. She will make an emphatic decision and then just at the brink of taking it, she make completely turn about and go in a completely new direction – and she does so without even a hint of guilt. Regret, in Puella’s mind is a waste of the present moment. The rapid change, the turnabout, it’s all a part of who she is. Relinquishing one path in favor of another can evoke feelings of sadness, Puella would say, well then! Back track! However the old path will be something entirely new, because it’s now in the present and you have collected more experience and knowledge to add to all your possibility. How exciting! How…immense!

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