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2022 October Fairy Fortunes

Monday, October 3, 2022

The Dragon now holds you in sight

You freeze in such fright at your plight

You’ve earned her respect

But quickly collect

Her favor will wake appetite

Desire is an important concept in fairy culture. Desire is the first spark of action. Before you can accomplish anything, you first must desire something. Desire is what is behind goals that produce actual results. Humans struggle with desire. Human often lament that there is no time for desire because too many other things “need” to be done. It is pleasant to live in a clean home, but do you “need” to clean it? Many humans would argue that cleaning “needs” to be done before painting or singing or other things that make them feel something other than oppression. A fairy would point out that taking time to sing first might encourage you to clean so that you have beautiful space for your beautiful voice. Time is a paradox. You have both all the time in the world, and none at all. If you were caught by the Dragon, would you have rather spent your last moments cleaning or singing?

Wednesday, October 5, 2022

A Vila like Via loves change

Her home any road she can range

A whirlwind this sprite

Her weakness is spite

But vigor and vim her exchange.

In older times and folklore, the fairies were associated with the dead. When you

died, you might go to live with the fairies, or you might become a fairy. There is evidence to suggest that being taken by the fairies might have been a euphemism for death. As such, the fairies are intrinsically linked with the beloved dead, and none more so that Via the Vila. Her appearance can suggest a message from the ancestors, and a calling to look towards one’s heritage. Not all people get along well with their families, though, so a push to reconcile beyond the grave can be unwelcome.

In Scandinavian myths, certain heroes did not reveal their names. Because names were tied to their families and their heritage. And in some circumstances, it is better to be known for who we are alone and not the family we might come from.

Via the Vila is never going to tell you to forgive the ancestors who have hurt you. Forgiveness is not held in high esteem in fairy culture. Via the Vila wants to know where you came from only in the context to understand where you want to go.


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