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September Fairy Fortunes

Friday, September 2, 2022

The Alicorn Albus observes

As witness she listens, she serves

Her reason and rhyme

Bring peace sublime

Her duty is pure, and preserves

September has arrived. Even though the weather may still be summer-like, if you observe your surroundings you are bound to discover that the leaves have started putting on their fancy dress. There’s a hint of sleepiness in the air. Nature is going into her rest period and is coaxing us to join her. Humans have a great love of busy work; believing that they must always be working and there is no time for rest. Humans think they have priorities; but that’s a bit of a misnomer. Priority was never a word meant to be plural. Pick one thing to complete before snowfall. Then let the rest go and join nature in rest. Dreams only come when we are at rest, not when we are busy.

Saturday, September 3, 2022

She cunning the Caileach Carcer!

Her pampering tricks will ensnare

Face isolation

And limitation

Enslaved by the spell of her stare.

Ah Carcer the Caileach! Of course you have made your appearance. Cally Berry in Ireland begins to roam about this time, gathering firewood and herbs to last through the winter. Some say too that she is looking for a young companion to help her pass the time. She will kidnap a young maiden for the winter. While no one should be held against their will, the forced isolation makes her turn toward Cally Berry and accept her tutelage. When summer comes, she is no longer a naïve girl, but has the power of the Summer Maiden, one who welds the power of change.

Many circumstances are beyond our control. Many things are not our fault. But we can often still learn from the experience. What we learn can shape us like the Summer Maiden – we become a force to be reckoned with!

Tuesday, September 6, 2022

The Dragon now holds you in sight

You freeze in such fright at her plight

You’ve earned her respect

But quickly collect

Her favor will wake appetite

What holds your attention so ferociously that you cannot look away? What is the thing that makes you forget about time? What is the thing that puts you into a waking dream so that when you are roused and rejoin the world you are groggy and confused?

This is why the Dragon looks at you now. She sees that thing which drives you like no other.

Humans are such funny creatures. They are the only ones who can be so engrossed in something that truly makes their sing, and then in an instant deny that it matters at all.

The Dragon is not looking at you because of another person, the love you think you should hold up so highly is not why you’ve held the Dragon’s gaze for something other than dinner plans. She is interested in the energy of your own mind. It is powerful energy.

Wednesday, September 7, 2022

Tristitia Tengu the bird

She offers her wisdom of word

Your sorrow will wane

Find courage in pain

Lamenting is meant to be heard

There is a season for everything. Life adapts to the circumstances at hand. In lands with true winter and heavy snows, you will find plants and animals which need the snow in order complete their life cycles. Tristitia the Tengu is a warrior, whose Latin name means “sorrow.” Sorrow is a season. Sorrow touches all at some point. It is a part of the life cycle, and what makes an individual fall into sorrow is often what shapes the core of their character the most. With that said, it is important to remember that sorrow is a finite state. You will feel more than sorrow. You will feel love, and fear, and excitement, and yes, you will feel happiness. They too are seasons and they will appear without fail as surely as the world turns around the sun.

Saturday, September 10, 2022

Conjunctio Centaur is wild

Capricious, yet you’ll be beguiled

Reverse and unite

Converse in aright

His friendship you’ll want reconciled

Conjunctio in Latin means just what you would expect – conjunction. This playful

centaur though is a reminder that you must do more than exist in the same moment of time as those special people in your life, you need to literally connect. It doesn’t have to be a grand gesture, the magic of technology provides many meaningful options. A simple message of “You are in my thoughts,” can strengthen a relationship. Sometimes it’s little things than make big impact.

Friday, September 23, 2022

Deluxe Geomancy Reading: Question - What Can Be Expected During the Season of Libra (September 23 to October 22)?

1. Laetitia (Joy) – This figure suggests positive motion from September 23 to October 22. This is a time to be vulnerable and open about commitments. The message: What are you willing to devote yourself to?

2. Laetitia reappears as the Right Witness, suggesting that we must direct our own destinies during this time. If anything is going to happen, if there is going to be forward momentum on anything we are passionate about, then the impetus is on us. Though, the message of Laetitia – Joy suggests that there is potential for great satisfaction during this time. We can own our successes if we fully commit.

3. Cauda Draconis - The Tail of the Dragon as the Left Witness. Coupled with the reprise of Laetitia this suggests that during the Season of Libra we will see resolutions and completions of projects though those resolutions may take an unexpected route.

4. Conjunctio – Conjunction as the Judge. This is an excellent figure to see in a reading concerning Libra as it is a figure of contract and union which is a facet of Libra as well. For me, Conjunctio is more associated with friendships than lover relationships, so this suggests to me that friendships should be highlighted during this time. A lover cannot be all things at all times, and on a similar vein, different friends meet different needs. Nurturing multiple relationships strengthens all of them because no one person has to carry every need at once.

5. Conjunctio reappears as a Left Witness in the Triplicity of Helpful People which mirrors the message that September 23 to October 22 is an auspicious time to gather friends and nurture and develop those relationships. If you’ve been invited to a party, stop beating around the bush, submit that RSVP and COMMIT ALREADY!

6. Fortuna Major – Greater Fortune is in the Right Witness Position in the Helpful People Triplicity suggesting that we are in a solid place in life and are in a position to be of value to our friends. Not only can we offer support, but sharing our joy and achievements will inspire them.

7. Acquisitio – Gain rounds out this Triplicity as Judge. Supporting friends is always a part of friendship, but during this time of Libra it seems the best course of action is to be open about one’s passions. What motivates you and your friends? What do you value? These are valuable conversations which if had during this time may be savored for years to come.

8. As this reading is seeking to know about the time of Libra, the most closely aligned House is The 7th House – The House of Marriage. And here Fortuna Major has taken up residence. This is a fortunate figure (obviously) and coupled with the very first figure, Laetitia, suggests that the time between September 23 and October 22 may be very pleasant! There is absolutely obvious connection between Laetitia and Fortuna Major or no mode of perfection. Only Laetitia makes another appearance in the casting but as the Right Witness, which as discussed, suggests for this pleasantry to occur, we are going to have to be masters of our own destinies. The deep questions about passions alluded to by Acquisitio will only be had if we ourselves are brave and inquire of our friends and also risk vulnerability and disclose our own passions.

9. Tristitia – Sorrow is a repeating figure linking the 2nd House – House of

Money and the 10th House – House of Career. Tristitia is Laetitia’s opposite. This suggests to me that coworkers are not the people to deepen relationships with at this time. Tristitia does translate to sorrow and that sounds so scary, but there is a nobility to sorrow. There are better times to worry about making money. The focus of this time is better spent on friends outside of work.

10. Puella – Girl is a prominent figure. This is quite significant! As Puella is the figure associated most closely with Libra! Her appearance especially in the 11th House – House of Friends continues to reiterate the message that during this time from September 23 to October 22 our energy may be best placed nurturing platonic relationships. Both communication and pleasure are themes here. Going to parties, and having deep conversations is a way to accomplish developing these supportive relationships.

11. She surrounds Amissio – Loss, in the 4th House – House of Home. My instincts on this unique formation suggests to me that family relationships, particularly parental and spousal, will only be strengthened by catering to friends. Children need to see their partners model healthy friendships. Spouses and lovers will benefit from parties with their partner’s friends – it will help them see different facets of their partner’s personality and will deepen their appreciation for them. Puella is a fickle character though and has a dual nature. With that in mind, focusing on friends will reveal manipulative lovers who probably should be released so that both parties can be with people who are more closely aligned in their values.

12. Conjunctio – Conjunction who is the Judge makes an additional appearance in the 8th House – House of Death. This suggests that September 23 to October 22 is a time to deepen bonds by delving into existential. Not only should we be having conversations on what motivates us and our friends, but also what scares us? What is holding us back? Our friends are sometimes the people who more than anyone us can inspire us and also hold us accountable.


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