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How Do I Get Out of My Funk?

Anonymous has found herself in a bit of a funk and is looking for some advice on how to get out of it. If you would like your question featured for free on the channel, be sure to leave your question in the comments. To remain anonymous, email me at RubyRuse@FairyFortunes.com with "Anonymous Question for YouTube" as your subject. You can purchase a reading on the Buy A Reading Page. And for daily content please follow me on Facebook.

A Gathering of Rogues and Ruffians

In October, I was gathering roughly with fellow rogues. I'm quite fond of this one weekend Wisconsin Renaissance Faire and I'm pleased to say that I'll be returning for 2019. A Gathering of Rogues and Ruffians is part of Shakespeare On The Edge. Do look these amazing people up and support their mission. I also had some amazing neighbors who put up with my racket. Please visit them: Kempfert Family Games

Interview with Author Chris Allaun

Chris Allaun is a pagan teacher and alternative healer. He has studied alternative spirituality and healing for over 20 years. Join us as we discuss Mr. Allaun's books and his thoughts on the Underworld, Divination and the power of story. Visit him on his Social Media: Facebook Facebook (Massage Therapy) Twitter He is also the author of two spiritual works: Underworld Deeper Into Underworld They are available for purchase on Amazon.com or visit the publisher, Mandrake of Oxford. Chris Allaun also recommends supporting your local Occult Store and shopping for his books there. He personally recommends Alchemy Arts in Chicago.

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