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Online Harassment: It's a Curse!

I'm excited to report that I reached my first YouTube milestone in 2020. However, the downside of growth and being more recognizable on YouTube is the fact that my channel has grown big enough where I have now attracted the attention of internet trolls and I’ve started receiving online harassment. And well...it really hurt my feelings. I was really grateful to my friend and fellow YouTube creator BeanBagHagWag who reminded me that she had made a video called VR to Joey Morris and Benebell Wens Video Conversation on this very topic. Her video was in response to Occult Content Creators, Negativity, Drama, Community: Joey and Bell Chat [Part - 1] made by another pair of creators Joey Morris

Fairy Fiction and Fairy Resource Book List

If you would like to learn more about fairy creatures, allow me to share my reading list with you. This list places a focus on the beings which are featured in the Fairy Fortunes Divination System, but these books also provide information on many different creatures. If you don't see a particular book on this list please email me the title and author! because if it is not listed here, it is because I haven't read it yet! Pookas DePaola, Tomie. Jamie O'Rourke and the Pooka. Puffin Books. Recommended reading age: 4-8 years. Diterlizzi, Tony and Holly Black. The Spiderwick Chronicles (Book Series – See Below for complete list). Simon and Schuster. Recommended reading age: 7 years and beyo

Celebrations and the Wheel of the Year

I was watching The Enchanted Dreamcatcher’s video on Litha just recently and I confessed to the creator in a comment that I don’t really celebrate the Wheel of the Year pagan holidays unless someone almost makes me. If I’m invited to an event and I’m available, I will go and share in the celebration. But if I don’t receive an outside invitation, I don’t observe it in my own home. I wondered if my lack of commitment to these holidays might have to do with the fact that I spent some of my most formative years in the Arizona Sonora Desert. That’s significant because, the Wheel of the Year holidays are based on seasonal realities that have no application in the desert. There are only two sea

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