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Question: Can You Give Me Some General Wisdom?

Anonymous didn't know what to ask! She was hoping that she could obtain some general guidance from a Fairy Fortune reading. If you would like to have your question featured for free on YouTube, leave a question in the comments section. Or, if you want to remain anonymous, please send an email with Anonymous Question for YouTube as the subject. Questions are selected at random. To guarantee your reading, you can purchase a reading on the Buy A Reading Page.

Acquistio the Alicanto

A show is Acquisitio A gluttonous Alicanto The more she procures The less she endures The weight of her fate in escrow. Favorable For: Gain, Profit, Abundance Unfavorable For: Moderation, Courage, Health Associations: Jupiter and Sagittarius Elements: Fire and Air Latin translation: Acquisitio = Gain Alicantos are bird spirits from the mountains of Chile who feast on the ore of silver and gold. In the tales from Chile they are huge birds with gold or silver feathers who cast no shadow. While they are solitary creatures, Acquistio the Alicanto is a light-hearted spirit who enjoys the present moment to the fullest. She always finds a way to see good fortune in all occasions. To encoun

Part 4 - Fairy Fortunes and Geomancy

This video continues the series Fairy Fortunes and Geomancy. I talk about the fae featured on the cards and how they correlate to the divination practice of Geomancy. If you missed the previous videos to the series: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 The Fairy Fortune cards discussed are Puella the Peri and Rubeus the Redcap which you can read by clicking on those titles or they are linked for you under related posts. Here is where you can purchase the Fairy Fortune Coloring Book. Be sure to look up The Art and Practice of Geomancy and visit Ecosophia, the blog of the Arch Druid, John Michael Greer.

Rubeus the Redcap

When Rubeus Redcap appears He’ll force you to face darkest fears. There’s danger ahead But go forth in dread. Or live your regret in arrears. Favorable For: Violence, Passion, Intoxication. Unfavorable For: Peace, Civility, Clear-thinking. Associations: Mars and Scorpio Elements: Water and Air Latin Translation: Rubeus = Red The Redcaps are from Scotland where fairies are not known for their pleasant dispositions. There was a time that the humans living in Scotland would warn you to avoid their indigenous fairies at all costs! And this would be especially true of the Redcaps, for their caps are colored from the blood of their murdered victims. With that grisly image in your head it may

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