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Code of Ethics

  1. I understand that as a fortune teller, I am granted a position of trust. I will honor that trust by respecting the privacy of my clients. They get to dictate who is present during our session and I will not share any compromising or identifying details of their readings unless the client has shared details which suggest they might be a danger to themselves or others.

  2. I will be honest in my readings; but I will temper truth with kindness. Even the harshest situations can be met with hope and multiple options.

  3. My goals in fortune telling are inspiration, validation, and connection. Fortune telling is a way to give creative perspective. I understand that the client has the free will to use that perspective in any way they choose, even if that choice is to utterly discard all insights gleaned from a reading.

  4. Fortune telling is a creative activity. It is a form of entertainment. The creative perspective fortune telling offers, in no way guarantees anything except options to consider.

  5. The future is not fixed, fortune telling offers only a limited number of options to a client. There are other options to be found in other places.

  6. All fees and services will be discussed and paid prior to rendering those services. I will never have hidden costs.

  7. I will NEVER solicit anyone by email or via a direct message on social media for readings. I attend multiple festivals and conferences throughout the United States where I offer in-person readings or clients can book a virtual session from my website. I also provide all-inclusive readings for free on a regular basis on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Any person receiving random email or direct message solicitations are interacting with an impersonator scam account which I advise you to block immediately.

  8. I will NEVER threaten or intimidate my clients with tall tales of being pursued by “evil spirits,” or that they are under a “curse,” or that they are “surrounded by dark energy,” in order to encourage additional services.

  9. I do believe that otherworldly spirits may exist. I do believe that curses may exist. And I believe that a person has the ability to shape their energy to live a life they choose to live. My goal is to provide opportunities for perspective and insight that increase my client’s independence and personal power.

  10. My mission is to empower and inspire my clients. I believe that everyone is capable of greatness.

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