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Tristitia the Tengu

Tristitia Tengu the bird She offers her wisdom of word: Your sorrow will wane Find courage in pain, Lamenting is meant to be heard. Favorable For: Trouble, Secrecy, Curses, Wisdom Unfavorable For: Health, Success, Forgiveness Associations: Saturn and Aquarius Elements: Air and Earth. Latin Translation: Tristitia = Sorrow The Tengu are found in Japanese folklore. Their physical appearance suggests a half-human, half-bird, animal hybrid. They have a darkness in their nature. There are tales depicting them as aggressive or as classic fairy-tale child-stealers. They are also known to be great warriors and highly skilled in martial arts. The fierce Tristitita the Tengu can be very start

Part 7 - Fairy Fortunes and Geomancy Series

This video continues the series Fairy Fortunes and Geomancy. I talk about the fae featured on the cards and how they correlate to the divination practice of Geomancy. If you missed the previous videos to the series: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3: Part 4 Part 5 Part 6

Carcer the Cailleach

She’s cunning the Cailleach Carcer Her pampering tricks will ensnare. Face isolation And limitation. Enslaved by the spell of her stare. Favorable For: Focus, Isolation, Captivation Unfavorable For: Freedom, Escape, Transport Associations: Saturn and Capricorn Element: Earth Latin Translation: Carcer = Prison Cailleach is from Irish folklore. The Cailleach has a reoccurring theme of kidnapping the innocent and holding them indefinitely. Carcer the Cailleach is no exception, she will lure you to her with sweet promises and then lock you away in the dark to contemplate your predicament. For she does not see her trickery as the source of your confinement – it is your own foolishnes

The Baby Bunny Song

Anonymous wants to know, "What's with the random rabbit?" Well instead of divination, I had another way to answer that question. The Baby Bunny Song (as it's been dubbed from fans) was first performed at the Fairy Queen's Tea at the World of Faeries Festival. Have you hear it there? If not, what is your favorite song from childhood?

Fort Wayne Pagan Pride

At Fort Wayne Pagan Pride I had my Wing Man. He is a great sport. It was raining heavily during Fort Wayne Pagan Pride, however I was privileged to meet a fellow Geomancer! And maybe I helped another fairy find her way. I love being able to share such a personal moment with others, even if it's just over three Fairy Cards. If you're curious about divination or other pagan ways you should look for a Pagan Pride celebration in your area. The Pagan Pride Project is a great place to start, it's how I learned about Fort Wayne Pagan Pride.

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