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2023 Fairy Fortunes for January

Deluxe Geomancy Reading for 2023

Question: What can be expected in 2023?

At the beginning of the year I like to do a full geomancy reading to see what can be expected in the coming year. The main messages seem to be that in 2023 we are responsible for our own opportunities, we should clean our houses (both metaphorically and physically) and we should avoid Devil's advocates (they aren't helping us).

1. Ascendant: Acquisitio (Gain) – This is a good sign for 2023 suggesting there will be more influence from the “lucky” planet of Jupiter and there will be abundance and prosperity to enjoy. With that said, it would serve us to think about how we want to share our particular gifts and abundance to give it meaning. 2023 may be a year to think about what provides a sense of purpose and meaning, and then making an effort to manifest that. What causes are we willing to invest in for 2023?

2. Right Witness: Caput Draconis (Head of the Dragon) – Opportunities will abound in 2023, however, this figure shares some of the message of the Ascendant – we are entirely responsible

for their direction. We need to spend time determining what is our personal priority and then create our own opportunities to share that mission. We need to trust that others will be supportive and excited by our plans, and we are likely to find others whose priority and quest for meaning align with our own.

3. Left Witness: Tristitia (Sorrow) – 2023 will not be without challenges. Acquistitio and Casput Draconis suggest abundance and opportunity but not without a fight. 2023 will see a fair bit of failures as well. This does not have to be terrible. Tristitia is one of my personal favorites of the Geomantic figures, because for me, it represents the path of the warrior. A warrior should not be confused for a fighter, a fighter fights for compensation, a warrior though fights for what they believe. 2023 will be a year where our failures will show us our commitment to our purpose. Sometimes when we face failure, we learn that the whole plan should be scrapped for an entirely new direction and purpose. Other times though, failure teaches us that what we desire is so integral to our being that we must scrape ourselves up off the floor and keep fighting! 2023 is a year to craft our personal missions, the reason that we do all that we do.

4. Judge: Conjunctio (Conjunction) – The message of Conjunctio for 2023 seems to be honesty. If we choose to pursue opportunities because someone else tells us it is “the right thing to do” we are likely to be disappointed. Martyrdom is glorified in Western culture. The reality of this is that while it makes for a great fictional story, it isn’t all that practical. Donating to a cause can be noble, but if we must starve ourselves to do so, it does nothing to end suffering – it in fact causes suffering! So, share abundance yes, but first do so with yourself. Feed your own soul first and pursue opportunities that speak to you personally. It may seem superficial at first, but it has the possibility of manifesting something more permanent.

5. Events Triplicity Judge: Casput Draconis (The Head of the Dragon) appears again as the Judge of the Event Triplicity. This suggests that we must pursue our personal mission with physical acts in 2023. Does racial justice matter most to us? Then we need to do more than donate our money, we need to attend a rally! Perhaps we want our abundance to manifest in the arena of relationships. Then we need to host a party! 2023 will not be without its challenges and sorrows so it is up to us to physical do things that matter to us.

6. Events Triplicity Right Witness: Amissio (Loss) – Loss is so scary to many people, compared to Acquisitio (Gain) is can seem so unappealing. However, loss can be desirable. When we are in love, we lose our hearts. This seems to reflect the previous messages of really being honest with ourselves and determining what matters most to us individually, not what we think other people want, but what we want at the core of our being. We must lose our hearts to our personal missions in 2023 and be willing to risk failure.

7. Events Triplicity Left Witness: Puer (Boy) – Puer resonates with the energy of the Knights Templar on a quest for the holy grail. It asks, “What are you willing to fight for?” 2023 isn’t going to just miraculously turn into a great year. It will be what we make of it. It’s interesting to note that Puer appears as the Left Witness for ALL of the Triplicities. This suggests that not only are we going to have to organize our own events to align with our missions, we are also responsible for creating an environment that is conductive to the life we want to lead. Want to be a writer? Well, you’re going to have to give yourself an office where you can write! Do you want children? Well, you need to volunteer at a Day Care! Clean your house. Create your space. And we need to be careful about the kinds of people we share our time with. There is a vast difference between constructive criticism and projecting. A valuable friend will ask you questions about your plans and help you discover errors in your design. However, the Devil’s Advocate is merely projecting their fears on to you. They do not want you to succeed because they want you to stay mediocre with them. It’s time to limit those Devil’s Advocates. Deny them access to your time. You do not have to share your plans with them.

8. Acquisitio is the ascendant in the First House. It appears again in the Second House – House of Money which is interesting as Acquisitio means “gain” and is a figure of abundance. This suggests that 2023 may be a great year for investment. Where do you want to be financially at the end of 2023? Where would you like to be in five years? Think about giving yourself an emergency fund. With the trials of the 20s, start with a smaller sum, if necessary, but delineate what a financial emergency is. Is an emergency unexpected car or home repairs? Is an emergency a medical issue? It can be anything, you are the creator, but define what it is, and also what it is not so you don’t blow that emergency fund on a present for your lover or a spontaneous trip. Remember your mission. Is your mission to travel the world with your sibling? Then spend the money on that. But if that is not your mission, and that is not your definition of an emergency, then be honest – tell your sibling you will not be able to go on that fancy cruise with them.

9. Acquistio is a “walking figure” and leads to Amissio (loss) in the Third House – House of Communication. This reiterates Acquistio’s suggestion to create an emergency fund and to be clear about how we define “emergency.” The 20’s have given us quite a bit of chaos; but we don’t have to remain as victims. It’s time to organize, to plan, to define. What is your manifesto? What is valuable to you? What does abundance actually look like? If we explore these concepts and communicate them either in a personal journal or to others, we may discover we already have some of the abundance we desire.

10. Our Knight Templar Puer appears in the Fourth House – House of Home, the Sixth House – House of Service, and then again in the Eighth House – House of Death. I love the drama of the House of Death! But this doesn’t mean our personal quests and missions are doomed. It suggests that they are existential! Dream big! Risk failure! It also reflects the messages of the triplicities earlier. Our home environments need to be conductive stages for these dreams. We need to clean house, metaphorically yes, but probably physically too. Our service, our mission, starts in our own home. Remember, the focus of 2023 cannot be what we think others want. Instead, we have to be honest with ourselves and be in service first to ourselves. We have to have faith that our personal missions have value beyond a selfish pursuit. What we want matters!

11. Casput Draconis (The Head of the Dragon) appears in the Tenth House – House of Career. This suggests that our work life is full of opportunities. Though it would be prudent to remember that a running theme for 2023 is that opportunities must be self-directed. Risk asking for the raise or the promotion! Or take a leap of faith and start the business you wrote the business plan for back in 2019. We need to direct our own fate and serve the purpose we have gleaned from our own hearts.

12. I do find it interesting that Caudus Draconis appears in the Eleventh House – House of Friends. Puer warned of Devil’s Advocates projecting their own mediocrity on to us. In 2023 we may need to clean house in our friendships as well. What do we need in terms of support? What does that look like? What does that sound like? And what is the opposite of that? We’ve had so many challenges of late, we don’t need a devil holding us back, we need fellow warriors who will help us carry on.

Fairy Fortune for Tuesday, January 3, 2023

Puella the Peri appeals

But always she changes her deals

She’s fickle and feigned

But hardly restrained!

You’ll never predict how she feels

The western world can thank the likes of J.M. Barrie for introducing them to the winged Peris. Puella the Peri and her kin actually hail from the more exotic deserts of Persia, not Britanica. Most fairies do not sport wings, it is the effervescent peris who fly like butterflies on hot winds. Perhaps it is their connection to that wind that explains their leanings towards their more fanciful natures. Puella the Peri goes where the wind takes her. She has no qualms about changing directions.

I love January! I love that Western tradition of New Year’s Resolutions! But…many people (sometimes myself included) have to contend with disappointment when those shiny resolute ideas start to tarnish as the year ages. I think it’s important to remember that we get to change our minds! Disappointment is a powerful emotion, it can inspire us to rebound and reinvest. But I think honesty is always a good policy, sometimes the best idea is to abandon one direction for another. Maybe that shiny idea was great in theory but lacking in true desire. We don’t have to plan every moment either. That is where Puella the Peri excels, she embraces what is, not some fictionalized version of a half-hearted desire.

Fairy Fortune for Wednesday, January 4, 2023

Tristitia Tengu the bird

She offers her wisdom of word

Your sorrow will wane

Find courage in pain

Lamenting is meant to be heard

Tristitia in Latin translates to “sorrow.” Many humans gasp in horror when Tristitia the Tengu appears for this reason. Humans seem to think that sorrow is a “negative” emotion and that it is bad. Human do almost anything to escape their sorrow. They even create elaborate rituals to tear it out and remove it. The fairies though do not have words for positive/negative or good/bad in their languages. They simply say “Zoaybo,” which means “so be it” or “it is.” Sorrow simply is. Tristitia the Tengu does not appear so that you can identify your sorrow only to rip it out of your soul by force in a misguided attempt at healing.

Your sorrow IS the healing. So, let it be. Feel it! Know it, understand it. Sorrow means that something is important to you, and that is such a beautiful thing.

Fairy Fortune for Thursday, January 5, 2023

The Dragon now holds you in sight

You freeze in such fright at your plight

You’ve earned her respect

But quickly collect

Her favor will wake appetite!

When the Dragon turns to face you it means she is far more interested in the possibilities surrounding you than in eating you. Opportunity is knocking!

In theory we want opportunities…but in practice…they are terrifying! For many people it’s not lack that keeps them up at night, it is opportunities that dowse them in a cold sweat. I think this is because it is so very easy to make a mistake and then live with the regret of our choices. It is important to spend some time weighing those important decisions and taking time to evaluate how they might affect us and the important people in our lives.

However…Dragons get hungry when they get impatient. You don’t want to linger long in the gaze of the Dragon. You need to make a decision! Pounce on the opportunity now or release it without regret. You do need to decide.

Fairy Fortune for Friday, January 6, 2023

A Villa like Via loves change

Her home any road she can range

A whirlwind this sprite

Her weakness is spite

But vigor and vim her exchange

If we pause to mourn the person we might have been, we must then move forward with respect for who we ARE. Via the Villa is a conduit of change, but ironically change is dependent on the past. The remembrance of history provides the tools to identify patterns and then choice to evaluate whether we wish to continue on that road, or try something entirely new. During reflection though, it is very easy to be lured by regret and pain. Remember that pain and regret are wonderful teachers, they can show us what is important to us. However, no one deserves them. You didn’t deserve any suffering, no matter how slight you might compare it to the suffering of others. You did not deserve it. Your pain and regret though has made you strong though! Let them help you choose your road. You have so much more to give this world.

Fairy Fortune for Tuesday, January 10, 2023

Make way for the Queen of the Fae!

Your fortune is hers to convey

With strength and with grace

Success you’ll embrace

Prosperity without delay

Strength and grace are attributes that must be developed with experience. The only way to cultivate them is with patience. We also must weather a great deal of heartache. We have to negotiate shame and work through embarrassment and discomfort; all the while nurturing hope. And the strange thing about strength and grace is that there isn’t an “A-HA! Moment” where you can pin these attributes down and say, “Yes! I’ve arrived! I have them!” Strength and grace blossom gradually. They open the mind like flowers. Which is to say that when you achieve them, you have grown beyond the need for external validation. Strength and grace are often very quiet, for those that truly have them, have nothing to prove to anyone.

Fairy Fortune for Wednesday, January 11, 2023

When Populus Penates plays

The party can last many days

She’s fond of the home

Unlikely to roam

In comfort, in pleasure, she stays

Most fairies do not like to be kept hanging. A fairy will always respect an answer of “No!” it’s the non-committal “Maybe…” that they really can’t abide. Populus the Penates though has another option beyond the straightforward yes or no answer, and that is “I don’t know.” Sometimes we just simply need more information or more time to consider a decision. She appreciates the emotion of confusion. The thing is, humans tend to get bogged down in confusion. All emotions have a purpose, so she would encourage you to explore why a particular matter has you confused. It’s important for us to ask ourselves honestly why our answer is “I don’t know” and not an absolute “No!” or a resounding “Yes!” Is it possible that we find ourselves unable to commit because while we can appreciate the advantages of a “Yes” in our hearts the answer is still “No”? Maybe we do not wish to commit to that “No” because it is only that we just (for no particular reason) do not want to say yes? Populus the Penates is not human though, to her, no particular reason is the best reason to say no in her opinion. She wants you to greet all of your decisions with a resounding “Yes!” But your confusion is valid. Take your time, she will wait for you to explore that emotion. But if some human wants to force your decision now, then tell them no, because your time is valuable. You are valuable and you deserve time to explore your confusion.

Fairy Fortune for Thursday, January 12, 2023

A show! Is Acquistio

A gluttonous Alicanto

The more she procures

The less she endures

The weight of her fate in escrow

Fairies are not in the dark about human advancement. Acquistio the Alicanto finds social media quite entertaining! It speaks to her, as she delights in attracting attention and causing a stir. There is also a duality to social media that fairies find appealing; because like them, social media itself is neither good nor bad. It is both simultaneously.

But unlike fairies, social media is distinctly human in its nature; and one could make the argument that it tends to create a landscape that doesn’t necessarily promote growth. The all powerful algorithm sorts people into categories and shows you the reigning view of the moment within that category. You invite the wrath of your community if you question the reigning view. You are likely to incur violence should you provide any substantial evidence suggesting a contrary view! Now, Acquistio the Alicanto craves attention and she doesn’t discriminate from attention that propels her forward from attention that pushes her backwards. As long as the attention is on her, she’s getting what she wants from you. But what she often misses, is that the further she is pushed backwards, the farther she has to go.

Alicantos hail from Chili. They are bird spirits who eat silver and gold! When they find that tasty vein, they tend to gorge themselves to the point that they can’t fly. Sometimes there’s nothing wrong with a little self-indulgence…except when there’s a hungry dragon nearby who has a taste for sparkling Alicantos.

Social media is quite magical! And it’s fun! But it might be prudent to consider where the information is coming from. It may be time to start questioning the categorical view.

Fairy Fortune for Thursday, January 26, 2023

She’s cunning the Caileach Carcer

Her pampering tricks will ensnare

Face isolation

And limitation

Enslaved by the spell of her stare

I’m only half peri, so my wings are a bit fragile and it doesn’t help that I took a nasty spill…okay more than one… (never said I was a graceful fairy) which has caused my right-side wings to ache in winter. The silver lining to this cloud is that I always know when it’s going to snow. My pooka father (so known for their gifts in prophecy) would be so proud of my weather accuracy! And so, my Fair Friends, I can tell you true, the snow is coming.

Carcer the Caileach knows the snow. She is after all, a fairy of winter.

In older times, it was rather difficult to travel during winter; so, you had to make sure that you planned well for the winter months and had food stores carefully measured out. Carcer the Caileach is particularly skilled in this type of planning. While it is much easier these days to jump inside an SUV with heated seats to purchase milk, eggs, and toilet paper, the winter is still an excellent time for reflection. The soft fall of the snow is almost the meditation for the earth itself after all. There will be plenty of time this summer to be busy, why not take some time to reflect and just…be. There is magic in the stillness of the snow.

Fairy Fortune for Sunday, January 29, 2023

Beware of the Pooka Puer

A shapeshifting beast who will dare

He offers a change

Prophetic exchange

It’s risk if you seek out his lair

Mistakes are inevitable. Despite careful planning, practice, and your best intentions, there will be times that mistakes occur. Sometimes it could be that over zealousness caused you to rush. Other times a sense of urgency will cause you to sacrifice sleep or food or some other necessity which makes your fingers clumsy. And there are those other times that some unpredictable variable presents itself which completely unravels everything before your eyes. Mistakes will happen.

Sometimes, the best course of action is to clear the board and start completely over. Begin again. Start over. The greatest things about mistakes are that they can become a kind of armor. Once a mistake has happened, what now is the worst thing that could happen? Mistakes can show you what you are capable of surviving.

Fairy Fortune for Monday, January 30, 2023

The Dragon has shown you her tail

Your words she finds stagnant and stale

Your story must end

It’s time to suspend

Conclude what is done and set sail.

It’s almost the end of January. This can be a troublesome time. This is when the winter doldrums can set in. The cold can seep into our bones and make us feel that everything is harsh and complicated. The end of January can often bring disappointment too; because the freshness of the New Year has now worn off and we must come to terms with the resolutions we abandoned despite our good intentions.

Disappointment is bitter, but it can be an excellent teacher. It is much easier to GET what we want than to KNOW what we want. When we make plans during our excitement to begin a new year, we may think we know what we want only to realize through our procrastination that we may not have wanted that at all. The only way forward is to evaluate! Wipe your board clean and start fresh. Jump in where you are, not where you think you “should” be. It’s okay to let go of old goals in order to make room for new ones.

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