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How do I Purchase a Reading?

1.  Go to the "Book A Video Reading" and select the reading of your choice

2.  Book your appointment on the calendar (Business Hours are normally between 6:00 PM and 8:00 PM CST)

3.  Complete Payment

4.  A Zoom link will be provided.  A the time of the appointment click on the Zoom link which will direct you to your video reading

5.  You have the option of having your session recorded!  A private link to the reading will be emailed to you.

Why is there a "Book a Reading" and a "Readings" Tab?

You also have the option of having your reading emailed with no live interaction.  Or if I manually schedule your reading for you, the reading tab makes payment simple and easy.

What can I expect?

There are 16 Fairy characters in Fairy Fortunes by Ruby Ruse.  Each Fairy has a specific message which will be interpreted in regards to your question.   

3 and 4 Card Fairy Fortunes will feature the Fairy Cards and their unique message along with a detailed description of their connection to your question.

The Simple and Deluxe Geomancy readings will contain mostly symbolic representations of the Fairies with the Fairy Card provided for the most prominent Fairies connected to your question.  A detailed description with be provided concerning the patterns of Fairies and how they might interact with your query.  

Not all the Fairy Characters will appear in your reading, not even in the Simple or Deluxe Geomancy Reading.  Sometimes the same Fairy will appear multiple times - this is to draw attention to a pattern occurring in regards to your question.

All fortunes are returned in an Abode Acrobat Reader file within 48 hours of receipt of payment and question. 

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