July 22, 2020

I'm excited to report that I reached my first YouTube milestone in 2020.  However, the downside of growth and being more recognizable on YouTube is the fact that my channel has grown big enough where I have now attracted the attention of internet trolls and I’ve starte...

July 12, 2020

If you would like to learn more about fairy creatures, allow me to share my reading list with you.  This list places a focus on the beings which are featured in the Fairy Fortunes Divination System, but these books also provide information on many different creatures.


July 4, 2020

I was watching The Enchanted Dreamcatcher’s video on Litha just recently and I confessed to the creator in a comment that I don’t really celebrate the Wheel of the Year pagan holidays unless someone almost makes me.  If I’m invited to an event and I’m available, I will...

October 6, 2019

Amissio Alfar is wise

Her beauty and voice mesmerize

Desire she gives

A true love that lives

You'll find yourself lost in her eyes

When it comes to money, if you invest it, you are rewarded with interest and dividends. If you gamble or make too many withdrawals, then you ca...

October 2, 2019

Conjunctio Centaur is wild
Capricious, yet you'll be beguiled
Reverse and unite
Converse in aright
His friendship you'll want reconciled.

It seems to me that Wednesday is going to be a very busy day! There is going to be quite a bit going on and your head may spin a bit...

September 28, 2019

On the very last weekend on the Bristol Renaissance Faire I was out to play. I met many friends old and new.

Please check out these sites:

http://renfair.com/bristol/ https://www.alteregosbazaar.com/ http://www.fanladycynthia.com/ http://www.ravenandwiggins.com/Site/J...

June 29, 2019


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June 15, 2019

This is a part of a 2019 Video Challenge I am taking part of through the YouTube Pagans group on Facebook. 


Evans-Wents, E.Y.  “Brythonic Divinities and the Brythonic Fairy-Faith,” The Fairy-Faith in Celtic Countries.  BiblioBazar, 2008, pp. 417 - 418.