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Acquistio the Alicanto

A show is Acquisitio

A gluttonous Alicanto

The more she procures

The less she endures

The weight of her fate in escrow.

Favorable For: Gain, Profit, Abundance

Unfavorable For: Moderation, Courage, Health

Associations: Jupiter and Sagittarius

Elements: Fire and Air

Latin translation: Acquisitio = Gain

Alicantos are bird spirits from the mountains of Chile who feast on the ore of silver and gold. In the tales from Chile they are huge birds with gold or silver feathers who cast no shadow. While they are solitary creatures, Acquistio the Alicanto is a light-hearted spirit who enjoys the present moment to the fullest. She always finds a way to see good fortune in all occasions. To encounter Acquisitio the Alicanto then, is an omen that wealth and abundance is to be forthcoming.

However, it should be noted that once she has located a tasty vein of wealth, Acquistio the Alicanto will keep devouring until her wings will not carry her weight leaving her vulnerable to capture on the ground. The lesson to be learned from Acquistio the Alicanto’s gluttony may be that the successful attainment of external wealth may not be enough to address an internal longing. There are other things that are more valuable than silver and gold but less tangible – things like the nurturing of relationships and physical health. It would be pertinent to remember that all the money in the world will serve no purpose at all if you have to sacrifice your relationships and health to get it. Acquistio the Alicanto may be an omen that it may be time to pay more attention to the people you value instead of obsessing over money and material objects. She can also be a warning of vulnerability in the form of an illness and one that may be difficult (although not impossible) to overcome.

If you seek your heart’s desire, and Acquistio the Alicanto appears along your journey, your desire is within your grasp! Acquistio the Alicanto will gladly show you the way. Do take care, however. Be sure that what you think you desire is truly within your heart. You will get what you want, but Acquistio the Alicanto will lead you over a cliff knowing full well that she has wings and you do not.

Leshiis For Literacy

Laetitia the Leshii had some difficulty finding some selections. However, Acquistio the Alicanto agreed that the resources mentioned capture her spirit. If you have read any books about Alicantos not featured on this list, please email me!


  • Lasky, Kathryn. The Guardians of Ga'Hoole (Book Series). Scholastic.

Recommended reading age: 7 years and beyond.

Non-Fiction Resources

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