Populus the Penates

Populus the Penates When Populus Penates plays The party can last many days. She’s fond of the home, Unlikely to roam In comfort, in pleasure, she stays.

Favorable For: community, Family, Parties Unfavorable For: Focus, Action

Associations: Cancer and Moon Element: Water

Latin Translation: Populus = People

The Penates hail from ancient Rome. While they share personality traits with Brownies and Dobies, they are distinctly more human-like in appearance. In fact, they were given shines and alters of worship in the homes of the Ancient Romans and Greeks. These beings do require deference and respect. They are quite fond of humans and will claim a family and devote themselves to the protection of that one household. There is nothing that will delight them more than a festive family gathering with delicious food and many laughing children scampering about.

Populus the Penates is therefore very favorable in any matter concerning hearth and home. To see her before the purchase of a primary residence would indicate the real estate will be a welcoming environment. She would also be a good omen for someone hopeful to become a parent. If one is seeking to resolve domestic disturbances, her appearance would suggest that the seeker be receptive and open their hearts. Perhaps the situation does not need a final solution, maybe empathy is all that is required. A happy family unit does not mean that everyone shares the same view point, a truly thriving family gives space where diversity is a reality, and all individuals are nurtured to cultivate some uniqueness within the unit.

Populus the Penates thrives on diversity and loves chaos. However, her attention is on the party and laughter. She isn’t one to put thought to the clean-up that is necessary after the party has ended and as such, is an unfavorable omen in matters where planning and focus are required. If one is attempting to begin a new project, her appearance can be a warning that the plans are not well laid, there are many problems that are looming due to a distinct lack of direction.

Where travel is concerned, Populus the Penates is an ambiguous omen. The planned travel may well be enjoyable, but