The Tail of the Dragon

The Dragon has shown you her tail

Your words she finds stagnant and stale

Your story must end

It’s time to suspend

Conclude what is done and set sail.

Favorable For: Completion, Endings, Destruction

Unfavorable For: Reconciliation, Beginnings, New Ventures

Associations: South Node of the Moon, Sagittarius

Elements: Fire

The Dragon is a powerful creature found in mythology and folklore around the world; in both Eastern and Western traditions. Dragons are depicted as having many facets. In some tales they must be vanquished, and in other tales they offer priceless wisdom. They can be crafty and materialistic or animalistic and terrifying! Some folklore denotes that a particular scale color determines their attributes. However, I would use caution regardless of their beauty. Dragons are elementals. Water is absolutely necessary for life, and often it is associated with healing and calmness. Water, though, is also a hurricane which will drown you without remorse. So too, is the nature of dragons. They are both ferocious and compassionate, sometimes at the simultaneously.

If you encounter a Dragon and it turns it’s back on you, at best she is telling you that she does not consider you a threat; at worst, she has lost all interest in you. If you are not even worth eating, that is very bad indeed. But her distaste is likely an omen that you are repeating unappetizing patterns. Take her slight as an opportunity, now is the time to analyze what unhelpful practices you are still repeating despite your best intentions. You may say that you want adventure and possibility, but the Dragon is indicating that instead of getting up and braving facing a new day and new opportunities; you haven’t even left your bed. You are cowering under a blanket of comfort. You may be warm, but in your comfort, you are suffocating yourself.