Book Review: Otherworld By Chris Allaun

Chris Allaun is an ordained Pagan Minister with nearly 30 years of experience in many eclectic spiritual paths including Traditional Witchcraft and Native American Spirituality. He is the author of five books on Pagan Spirituality, including Otherworld. Mr. Allaun is also a professional massage therapist and reiki master. He offers a variety of healing services and workshops on healing, paganism and occult subjects.

Particularly in the case of Otherworld, Mr. Allaun’s writing is focused through the lens of a healer. He makes many statements that all magical practitioners have a responsibility to heal. He neglects to recognize that there are other archetypes and spiritual endeavors beyond the role of the Healer (such as Warrior, Mentor, Analyst) which serve the community and the sacred earth in ways that are just as valuable as that of the Healer.

Mr. Allaun pulls from his eclectic background to describe the different beings that can be encountered in a magical/mystical and separate world he calls the Otherworld. He weaves in elements of Wicca, Traditional Witchcraft, Nordic Mythology and Native American Spirituality. He frequently points to his research, generously quoting from other source material.

Mr. Allaun’s goal is to encourage his audience to form relationships with these various beings of the Otherworld. The beings which he specifically mentions are animal spirits, elves and fairies, and dragons. It is his belief that these beings will then teach the audience to heal themselves, othe