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A List of Magical, Pagan, and Occult YouTube Channels

Obviously, one of my current favorite mediums for knowledge is YouTube. I have personally watched all of these channels and found them inspiring and helpful to my magical practice. While this list was originally posted on 12 May 2021, I plan to keep it updated and growing! If you are a Magical, Pagan, or Occult Creator on YouTube and do not see your channel listed alphabetically here please comment on this post so I can start watching your content and add you to this list!

Be sure to watch my Top Ten Favorite Witchy YouTube Creators on the Fairy Fortunes YouTube Channel! (However...I cheated and snuck in 2 more for a list of 12)

Abi the Witch

Abi the Witch - Focus towards those new to witchcraft

Alan Salmi - Astrology and Other things

Alexia's Mystic Musings - Astrology and Other Pagan Topics

Amethyst Ascension - Pagan Topics

Anya Esma

Anya Esma - Tarot and other spiritual topics

AstariaSen - Pagan, Faery, Healing and Crafting

BeanbagHagWag - Solitary Pagan Witch sharing her spiritual journey

ByCatAndCrow - Witchcraft, Tarot. Perspective of a young male queer witch

Chris Allaun

Christopher Allaun - Christopher Allaun is a Pagan author who hosts a panel of 3 to 5 people on a variety of different pagan topics

Cryptic Cryptids - Evidence of the Paranormal

Crystal R. Martin - Witchy and Writing Topics

HearthWitch - Witchcraft and Occult topics

Heather Carter

Heather Carter - Tarot and witchcraft

House of the Wise Woman - Traditional Witchcraft – Netherlands

Inspiring Alien - Spiritual content and Astrology with Pigsie the Pig!

Jasmyne Ambrosia - Pagan and Occult Topics

Jessica Starr TheStoryWitch

Jessica Starr TheStoryWitch - Tarot and Other Pagan and Occult Topics

Joey Morris The Starry Eyed Witch - Pagan Topics with an emphasis on Shadow work

Jon Solo - Bizarre backstories on Fairy Tales and Mythology

Julie Mango - Queer Witch with writing Focus

Kelly-Ann Maddox

Kelly-Ann Maddox - Tarot, Spiritual Counseling

lady Blindwolf - Witchcraft content. (Note: Artist requires that viewers are 18 and older)

LeeAnn's Witchy Room - Eclectic witchcraft and Pagan Topics

Little Cosmic Crow - Eclectic Faery Witch

Mandi See - Pagan Topics and Life Coaching (Note: channel exists, but no longer making new content on YouTube)

Megan Black - Round the Cauldron - Pagan Topics

Moonlight Ponderings - Pagan Discussion Panel

NightWillowCrafts - Pagan Topics

Psychic-Medium Natasha - Pagan and Occult topics

Rachel Patterson - Pagan author reading clips from her works

Rebekah Getchell The Planetary Pagan

Rebekah Getchell The Planetary Pagan - Bullet Journaling and more

Rising Phoenix - Paganism, Gardening, and other Topics

Shadow_sun - Wiccan Spirituality with unique perspective informed by a life challenge

Simply Witch

Simply Witch - Simple How-to spells and witchy craft ideas

SonofSelene - Tarot Readings

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