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Daily Fortune - Sunday, October 6, 2019

Amissio Alfar is wise

Her beauty and voice mesmerize

Desire she gives

A true love that lives

You'll find yourself lost in her eyes

When it comes to money, if you invest it, you are rewarded with interest and dividends. If you gamble or make too many withdrawals, then you can dig yourself into a hole that can be difficult to get yourself out of.

Relationships are like bank accounts. You get back what you put in and then some. You invest in your relationships every time you make a call just to see how someone is doing. Every laugh together is an investment. Every birthday party, every baby shower, every hug is an investment.

And it is hard to do. The third baby shower isn't generally about new strollers and fun party games. And what if the third baby brings with it divorce papers? Sometimes birthdays aren't about laughter and more about tears. Tears in general can be very, very hard to deal with.

Sometimes we tell ourselves that our relationships "need space." If our dear friend is going through a divorce it's tempting to believe that she will ask for help if she needs it. If a favorite co-worker has a baby it's tempting to believe that we don't need to stop by for a visit, because surely she has "closer" friends. When our child says that school was "fine," and "nothing" happened, it's tempting to end the conversation. It's tempting, because it is easier.

Divorces are painful. Babies and new Moms are fragile and awkward. And getting teenagers to put down their electronics and use more than two words can seem like an impossible task. It's hard.

It's an investment.

And sometimes it's a risk. There is absolutely no guarantee that if you do show up for the hard stuff that a person will return that investment. Sometimes the market crashes.

What I do know is that if you don't make the investment there will be no reward.

Maybe that is "safer" but it is much, much lonelier.

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