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Puella the Peri

Puella the Peri appeals

But always she changes her deals

She’s fickle and feigned

And hardly restrained!

You’ll never predict how she feels.

Favorable For: Beauty, Union, Sensuality

Unfavorable For: Dependability, Fidelity, Stability

Associations: Venus and Libra

Elements: Air and Water

Latin Translation: Puella = Girl

Colorful winged beings most commonly associated with the word “fairy” are actually Peris from Persia. They are known for their mischievous temperaments and are attributed with catastrophes of nature. While their magic may be powerful enough to grant a human wish, their unpredictability can make dealing with them very dangerous. It would behoove any human to come bearing gifts when in the presence of a Peri. One of their favorite things is perfume, particularly of a jasmine note, although lilac would also be welcomed...probably…maybe…approach at your own risk! They are easily offended so even a gift bearer isn’t always guaranteed their favor.

Like all Peris, Puella is quick to make judgements, and then just as quick to change her mind. If you are lucky to win her affection for a day, there is still a great chance that she will be plotting against you the next. When she is in a giving mood though, she is exceptionally generous. If you have her favor, you will find yourself as the life of the party. Everyone will be drawn to you. You will find it easy to find exactly the right words to say. Your actions will flow with instinctive grace. Others will pay you compliments and recommend you for important projects. Anger her and your status as a social pariah will be the least of your troubles.

Puella the Peri adores company (before she grows bored) and she is particularly fond of romantic pairings. To see her at the budding of a new romance is a favorable omen that the romance will be fun and particularly sensual. If the romance has entered a more mature stage, Puella the Peri may be hinting that a marriage proposal is on the horizon. It is wise to use caution however. Remember that the only thing constant about Puella the Peri is her fickleness. While y;our relationship might be delightful while it lasts; her presence may indicate that the partnership may not stand the test of time. If she appears to a person who is already married, she is an omen that infidelity may be an issue.

Puella the Peri is prone to fly into jealous rages that completely blind her from all reason. Her attacks can be extremely vicious and often misdirected. Puella the Peri can be an omen that your rage may be placed on the wrong person. She could also be a warning that you are being manipulated into a drama that has nothing to do with you and really, is none of your business. The appearance of Puella the Peri may be a warning to step aside and let the drama unfold without you to adding to the din.

Leshiis for Literacy

Laetitia the Leshii once again has a selection of literature that will help you learn more about Peris. If Puella has given her approval then you know you have some enjoyable selections!

Have you read books about Peris that isn't listed here? Please email me!


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