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Conjunctio the Centaur

Conjunctio Centaur is wild!

Capricious yet you’ll be beguiled

Reverse and Unite

Converse in aright

His friendship you’ll want reconciled

Favorable For: Interaction, Education, Friendships

Unfavorable For: Legal Matters, Clarity, Speculation

Associations: Mercury and Virgo

Elements: Earth and Air

Latin Translation: Conjunctio = Conjunction

Centaurs are most known from the mythology of ancient Greece. They are a being described as half-horse from the torso down, and half-human from torso and above. They are a being that embodies the union of opposite forces – strength and intellect, and wilderness and civilization. They are not a contradiction, they simply embody opposite states in tandem. It is for this reason that speculation is not a realm to be considered by Conjunctio the Centaur. He is neither horse, nor human - he is simply what he is. That is not to say that Conjunctio the Centaur does not appreciate debate. He invites conversation and brings minds together for lively discussion and friendship.

While he enjoys gatherings of any kind, it would be unwise to introduce alcohol or other mind-altering substances to Conjunctio the Centaur, as he cannot hold his liquor. His wild nature will take over and get the better of him under intoxicating compounds. He will not be able to see clearly in such a state. Clarity, however, is never something he seeks, even when sober. He is a creature who embraces the state of the moment. He accepts what is, not what could be and never what “should” be. He would debate quite succinctly that what is now, is in fact, what should be.

To encounter Conjunctio the Centaur is a particularly favorable omen when one is seeking to make a connection. He may signal that an old and helpful friend may re-enter your life to the great pleasure of both of you. The friend may not necessarily be human, however, and could also indicate that some object that was lost or forgotten may reappear with great purpose.

While communication and debate are skills possessed of Conjunctio the Centaur, he is a particularly unfavorable omen concerning a legal matter. His desire to unite will get in the way of the process to legally divide anything into an orderly contract. His appearance while one is considering a legal matter may indicate that it may not be the best time for such a binding deal. Conjunctio the Centaur would encourage you instead to focus on getting to know your potential partner better before anything is put into writing.

Leshiis for Literacy

Laetitia the Leshi has put together a list of books on the fae beings featured in the Fairy Fortunes oracle deck. If you would like to learn more about Centaurs, Laetitia and Conjuctio recommend these literary gems:


  • Lewis, C.S. The Chronicles of Narnia (Book Series). HarperCollins. Recommended reading age: 8 years and beyond.

  • Rowling, J.K. Harry Potter (Book Series). Penguin Random House. Recommended reading age: 10 years and beyond.

Non-Fiction Folklore Resources

  • Briggs, Katharine. The Vanishing People: Fairy Lore and Legends. Pantheon Books. 1978.

  • Rose, Carol. Giants, Monsters and Dragons: An Encyclopedia of Folklore, Legend and Myth. New York: W.W. Norton and Company. 2000.

  • Rosen, Brenda. The Mythical Creatures Bible: The Definitive Guide to Legendary Beings. New York: Sterling Publings. 2009

  • Young, Simon and Ceri Houlbrook. Magical Folk: British and Irish Fairies, 500 AD to the Present. London: Gibson Square 2018

Have you read a book on Centaurs or other fae that you do not see on Laetitia the Leshiis' list? Please email me at

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