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Albus the Alicorn

The Alicorn Albus observes

As witness, she listens, she serves.

Her reason and rhyme

Brings peace sublime.

Her duty is pure and preserves

Favorable For: Peace, Wisdom, Purity, Harmony

Unfavorable For: Partnerships, Change

Associations: Gemini and Mercury

Elements: Air and Water

Latin Translation: Albus = White

The Alicorn (more commonly known as the unicorn) is featured in mythology from around the world. This creature is the embodiment of purity and nobility.

Albus the Alicorn is primarily a witness. She is a gatherer of information and knowledge. If one sees her prior to going into negotiations, particularly if they relate to business and finance, it is a particularly favorable sign that things will proceed well. Both parties are likely to feel that they have gained in the situation and the communication will flow easily. However, if one is looking to start a partnership in business, Albus the Alicorn is suggesting that you do not have enough information on this potential partner and prudence is advised. Albus the Alicorn would consider it wise to look into this person’s past endeavors, they may have a financial secret that could be a deal breaker for you. If someone has approached you to partner in business, Albus the Alicorn would have you consider that very carefully. She is not a being subject to change. Her appearance is an omen that your business is currently on solid ground, change may not be welcomed by your supporters and clients. As for romantic partnerships, tread very carefully, Albus the Alicorn prefers to support singletons. Her appearance again may be alarm; your potential mate may be hiding a very dark secret.

Albus the Alicorn has a particular fondness for teachers and storytellers and will be an ally in their endeavors. If one is looking to enter these professions, Albus the Alicorn has come to celebrate. Your skills are pure and this is a noble quest! Do not doubt yourself, know that Albus the Alicorn walks with you on your journey.

She is not, however, overly fond of warriors. If one is entering a battlefield, her appearance is an unfavorable omen. It would be prudent to rethink the challenge at hand. Albus the Alicorn is a warning that something has escaped observation. To see her may mean that you are the party who needs to make amends and seeking peace should be a priority.

Leshiis for Literacy

Albus the Alicorn heartily approves of a reading program by Laetitia the Leshii. If you would like to learn more about Alicorns, Albus and Laetitia have some suggestions:


  • Brooks, Terry. Magic Kingdom of Landover (Book Series). Del Rey. Recommended reading age: 12 years and beyond.

Have you read other books on Alicorns? Please let me know! Respond with a comment below or send an email to

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