Life is all about Questions and Choices


Without difficult questions and choices, our life journeys would hardly be the adventures they are!  Anything worth pursuing is rarely easy to follow.  But difficult does not have to be synonymous with dull. Why not employ a bit of fun and entertainment to help us with our questions and choices? 


Fairy Fortunes are a form of divination entertainment.  Divination is a way to tap into your imagination.  The purpose is to steer thinking in a creative direction.  Fairy Fortunes are simply a tool for insight to give you a fresh perspective on a question that you may be struggling to answer. 

There are 16 Fairy Fortunes Cards.  Each card features one of the Fairy Folk who has a fairy tale message to help inspire you.  Choose from a 3 or 4 card reading by Ruby Ruse, or for deeper insight, have Ruby Ruse cast a Simple or Deluxe Geomacy Reading for you.  


Fairy Fortunes were created by me, Ruby Ruse, the musical muse, a pranking pixie who traverses between both the Seelie and Unseelie Courts.

Rest assured that I have deep respect for your questions despite my whimsical appearance. 

Fairy Fortunes is an oracle deck of my own design; combining the symbols from Geomancy Divination and folklore and mythology from around the world.  This unique system was a way for me to combine my love of folklore and mythology, my musical and performance training, and my intuitive gifts. 

I have been practicing many forms of divination for over two decades.  I have studied the more familiar Tarot since my own childhood and Scandinavian Runes in my youth.   I received training in Geomancy Divination from the leading expert, John Micheal Greer. 

My alter ego is writer and performer Amy Alice Christensen.  


Do you have a question you are struggling to answer?  Would you like the Fairy Folk you give you a fresh perspective on your love life, work, present or future circumstances? Choose from a 3 or 4 card reading.  Or, to explore the patterns affecting your circumstances, choose a calculated Geomancy Reading.


Ruby Ruse (or Amy Alice Christensen) has given classes and workshops all over the United States.  Topics available include, Fairy Fortunes and Divination, Folklore, Organization and Clutter, Health and Fitness, Creative Drama, Pagan History, Animal Spirts, and Spellcraft


Are you starting to feel oppressed by your possessions?  Clutter has a way of taking over our lives.  Our clutter can block us not just physically, but emotionally and spiritually as well.  If you feel controlled by your things, contact Amy Alice (or Ruby Ruse) to help you restore your personal power.


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